OBLIVIØN Ultimate Bundle (pre-order)

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i see the birth and death of the universe swimming around in your eyes

eternal monoliths of storms past

you have my attention

haunt me in all of your ways

Over five years in the making, EXUVIUM marks the culmination and conclusion of the OBLIVIØN series.

To commemorate this milestone, we decided to spend a lot time designing and sourcing much more unique and high quality custom items than we have before.



The collector’s edition double-vinyls truly do the enormity of the project justice; printed on full weight 150g vinyl, with a beautiful 24 page lyric booklet filled with artwork unique to the packages. Each is signed and individually numbered.


Exuvium was primarily written in Bali, an island of some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world. To honor the country of origin, we have released 100 limited edition Okami masks, meticulously hand carved by craftsmen in the area - each mask taking over an entire day to complete.


The Void Eye has come to symbolize the OBLIVIØN Project. Made with midnight matte black-oxide steel, these pendants will forever symbolize its journey.


Ultimate Bundle Includes:

  • Signed 180g exuvium & widow Double-album Vinyl
  • 24 page lyric book
  • Hand-carved wooden Okami mask
  • Signed exuvium Poster
  • Matte Black-Oxide Steel Void Eye Pendant


**Due to the specialized nature of these items, pre-orders ship Summer 2023